Your first call

Chastity cage painting


Your first call to me will be an introductory call.  We will chat about your past experiences and your hopes for the future.  We will discuss our thoughts on chastity.  And we will agree on a next step.

You will not be locked on your first call.  Locking is an intimate act – even if it is just something we do for fun – and I prefer that we are clearly in agreement about your chastity needs and my plans for you before you cage up.

If you would like to share anything about yourself before calling, please email me at MsJuneStuart at gmail dot com.  (Format this appropriately and make sure your spelling is correct.)
Mistress June

2 thoughts on “Your first call

  1. Hello Miss,

    I would like to explore the idea of chastity and introducing it to my long term relationship (3.5 years). I live with my gf and I own a chastity device but am uncertain how to bring the two together. I work from home and wear the device on occasion. It is so invigorating!!

    Please help,

    • Hey ty,

      I would be happy to help you. Many of my chastity callers are married and I can give you some suggestions about how to bring your gf on board.

      Give me a call. :)

      Miss June

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