My intentions for this chastity website and some backstory

Total cock control.


I built this site to explore male chastity in a variety of formats. Eventually, I hope to share examples of chastity phone sex arrangements, role play scenarios for chastity play, erotic fiction centered around orgasm control, and real stories about my work with a special chastity pet that I named bambee. I also intend to share some blog posts written by bambee and perhaps in time I may also publish posts by other chastity Mistresses and callers here.

For today, I want to give you some backstory on my connection with bambee. I invited bambee to participate on this site because our journey together has been especially fun and also very meaningful and I think it offers a great perspective on what is possible for submissive phone sex callers.

Bambee came to me to explore. I named her “bambee” because she was all unsure and wobbly on her brand new fetish legs. She did not come to me seeking to be caged in chastity. Or seeking pain play. Or feminization. On our unique journey together, we have discovered that these things all draw out her most submissive, most subservient self, and that was our shared desire.


We both enjoy experiences

that make it clear that

I own her completely – heart mind and body.

During our calls, she is entirely mine.


One of the reasons we work so well together is that bambee is guileless in her devotion. She is absolutely committed to our work together and she is always open and honest with me. If I correct her in any way, she accepts my guidance with humility. If she requires my support outside of our calls, she thoughtfully sends a tribute to thank me for my time. Because bambee is not just pretending or role-playing submission – because she is genuinely submissive – we have an authentic Domme/sub relationship where I feel free to lead her in any way that pleases me.

She shares her honest reactions as any submissive should. And I take her feelings into account when I plot our course together. That is how we wound up here. With her locked for me and loving it. With me completely comfortable and confident in my ownership. We have mutual trust and that has allowed us to explore hypnosis together, too. With AMAZING results!

I invite you to follow our journey here on this site.  Posting may be sporadic and we are both busy people, but there will be continual updates.

Thanks for visiting. Please use the comment area below to share your reactions or ask any question you may have.

Talk to you soon,

Goddess June

(If you are over 18, you may call me at 1 (888) 557-0355.)


Welcome to PhoneChastity! A new website from Mistress June


Hi playthings,

bambeepaintingThis is Mistress June from  I am an impassioned advocate of male chastity and I have long wanted to share more of my thoughts and feeling about phone chastity, but I was afraid it was beginning to take up too much space on my main website, so I built this place just for us chastity freaks!  

I plan to use this site to give you a glimpse into how phone chastity works and to show what is possible in a distance chastity relationship.

chastity sissyOne of the ways I will teach you about chastity and invite your questions and comments about your own journey is by sharing the details of my chastity training experience with one particular submissive, my pet, bambee.

Chastity is a deeply intimate power exchange and I feel very close to my bambee.  She inspired my first ever ipad painting.

male chastityPlease leave comments here to thank my bambee for participating on this site, to tell her how pretty she is, to ask any questions you may have about chastity or about my services, and to let me know your thoughts about distance chastity.  I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Also, do not be afraid to ask questions or reach out if you are new to this fetish.  My bambee was brand new to chastity when we began our journey together.  And she knew right away that she had found her place.  Her cage felt like home.  Ask her about it!  :)

Your new chastity guide,

Miss June


My number is 1 (888) 557-0355.  You must be 18 or older to call.