Chastity cage review – Birdlocked Classic and Holy Trainer V2 compared

The following article was written by my bambee, and he has agreed to answer any questions left in the comment area below.  I want to provide the following context before you read his report…  Due to life circumstances beyond his control, bambee wears his cages for relatively limited spans of time – at most, he goes a few days at a time.  Also, he is an average sized adult male, so when he reports that with some effort he is able to escape both cages without unlocking them, I assume this will be true for all under-endowed men and most men of average size, even when the cage fits properly.  Thank you for a great article, bambee! ~~ Miss June



First, a little about me. I have come to accept chastity not from my need for physical restraint per se, but more from a psychological perspective.  A cage is no longer necessary for me to remain chaste.  It is; however, a strong and pleasurable physical reminder of Mistress’s control and ownership, and my reviews are from this perspective


Now, on to the cages!


About the Birdlocked Classic male chastity cage

I’ve had the Birdlocked chastity cage (BL) for quite some time now and I like it very much. This chastity cage is made of surgical silicone, so it is soft and pliable and very comfortable. While it took a bit of time to put on at first, after several uses, I was able to do so more easily. Putting on my chastity cage has become a pleasant ritual, reminding me of who controls me. It is also quite unobtrusive under clothing.

The Birdlocked has a wide ring, which captures the balls and distends them a bit, and the piece securing the tube to the ring acts as a ball separator. I definitely feel exposed, and I’ve found this an added reminder of my vulnerability and submissiveness.

In terms of hygiene, the BL has 6 vent holes and a pee slot, which provide plenty of air circulation and makes cleaning, even while wearing, quite easy. I find this a great aspect of the design.

Security for the BL is very good, but not perfect.  I can remove it without unlocking with some effort.  But in general, it gives me a pleasant feeling of completely capturing my penis and my balls, which I enjoy.

In short, I find it an excellent cage, comfortable, secure, and easy to keep clean. These features make it great for both short and long term wear.



About the Holy Trainer V2 male chastity device

The new Holy Trainer chastity cage came out this spring, and I immediately was attracted to the design. In particular, the locking mechanism is just elegant. It consists of a locking tumbler, which secures the ring to the tube. No pad lock to bounce around. It’s look is clean and simple. Because it is made of bio sourced resin, it warms quickly to the body and is extremely comfortable. It is easy to forget you’re wearing it. Like the BL, it is unobtrusive under clothing, perhaps slightly more so.

Putting on the HT is quick and easy, and securing the lock is a breeze. Once on, it become a little like a second skin. This cage is hard, so my penis is totally isolated from any sensation.  Another plus.

Security is decent, especially if you have a high riding ball sack. Mine hang a bit low, so the unit wears a bit low, making it a little less secure. This is not an issue for me, since I would never try to escape, but it would come off relatively easily if I tried. I did end up getting the next size smaller ring (purchased separately), and that improved things quite a bit.
The one drawback I find with the HT is hygiene. It comes with only two vent holes and a pee slot, so there is relatively poor circulation, and cleaning while wearing is more difficult. I solved this quite easily by drilling 4 additional vent hole in the general location as those found on the BL. With careful vent hole placement, it looks like it came from the manufacturer this way.
To sum up the HT, I like it very much. Incredibly comfortable and easy to put on and off. It’s drawback in the hygiene department can be easily corrected. Perhaps in their next model, HT will add better ventilation.




In summary


Both the BL and HT are excellent cages, very well made and very comfortable. The hygiene issue presented by the HT can be easily corrected. While it is a close call for me (I went back and forth a bit), I give the edge to the Birdlocked, because of better hygiene and security. However, I very much like and plan to continue using the HolyTrainer, as well, because it has such an elegant design and is so comfortable.