Submission and Chastity: a sub’s Perspective

Ms June has been training me for a while and has led me on a most wonderful journey of self discovery, a journey to the true joy and pleasure of chastity and total submission. I thank her so much for this and for allowing me to write this piece.

Submissive male chastity

First, everyone likely has different experiences with chastity. Mine may not be that common, but has led me to things I couldn’t ever have dreamed of previously. I am a submissive, and I now know that I could not experience the totality of submission without giving total control to my Mistress through chastity.

When first discussing this topic with Mistress, I was nervous, and yet couldn’t get it out of my mind. I took the plunge. As with most, there were feelings of great arousal and frustration (though for me, this was brief). Mistress, being such a wonderful guide, helped me realize that frustration was simply coming from my desire to hold on to control over the most basic of things. Then something truly extraordinary happened. I submitted to the experience and to Mistress completely.

This simple act of giving into the sacrifice opened up a whole new world – a joining of mind and body in total submission.

My horniness grew and grew to great heights, and I would submit totally to it and to Mistress. The more I would submit, the more the feelings would grow….the more they would grow, the more I would submit.

surrenderThose who have experienced the joys of edging will appreciate that the process I went through grew to whole body edging.

The feelings would grow out from my penis to my ass, to my gut, then up and down throughout my body and my mind. I would remove myself from it and my total submission opened up the fantastic experience of mind and body edging. It is absolutely indescribable. Every part of me was edging, and this experience can last for many hours. And it keeps getting better and my bond with Mistress has grown wonderfully deeper.

Then. of course, when a release is allowed, it is wonderfully mind blowing.

But that’s not all by a long shot. Chastity has allowed me to fully explore every part of me, especially my feminine side. I have become more compassionate, more empathetic, and – most importantly – more complete. It is such a wonderful thing getting to know and be in touch with all parts of me.

There’s so much more I could write about, but in closing, if you have any interest in chastity, you cannot possibly find a better guide than Ms June.




12 thoughts on “Submission and Chastity: a sub’s Perspective

  1. Your so right bambee, Mistress June is exceptional at making all your hard work worthwhile! I’d have to agree, there is no one better, comparable, or even close, to her! She makes me feel totally sissified and inspires me to continue sissifying myself! She’s a driving force, ever encouraging me! I will never forget her, for her help and support! Just wish i could submission could go deeper!

    • Hi tara!

      Thanks so very much for commenting here. I couldn’t agree with you more about Mistress. I trust her so completely and so deeply. I think it’s absolutely fabulous that you’re discovering your feminine side. This has been one of the many surprises about myself, which I found through self discovery with Mistress. I feel so complete as a person now, and becoming a girl has made me a better man. I’m so happy for you!

    • Hey poodle,

      Thank you for visiting and sharing with bambee. It is nice to see you here! :) Thank you for the compliments, too, you fun little sissy freak.

      In case I forget, remind me on our next call to talk about your NF link.

      Also, when you comment on my sites, you will always use your real name. The name I gave you, poodle.

  2. Wow, bambee. It’s really evocative to hear about the Chastity experience from the male sub’s point of view. I love hearing about when people give in to their real sexual desires and are rewarded for it. I hope you’ll be sharing more. It sounds like you have experienced a rare sexual freedom through your relationship with Mistress June and the trust you have in her.

    • Hi Tala!

      It’s so wonderful to read your comments!! You capture what I feel and am so appreciative of. Yes, it is hard for me to imagine a healthy Domme/sub relationship without trust, and my trust in Mistress is deep and absolute. A trust where I am pealed back, exposed, laid bare, and all of me comes out to blossom. Reaching this level of trust and submission has freed me from self based sexuality to selflessness. It is liberating and so deeply satisfying on so many levels.

      Yes, Mistress has asked me to continue writing pieces for this site and I will joyfully be doing so, so stay tuned!

      Thanks again for your wonderful words.


    • Yay! Thank you for commenting, Tala. I love hearing from you here. I will be emailing you later, because I have asked bambee to call you and I want to make sure your schedules line up.

  3. Mistress,

    I had such a wonderful chat with Ms Tala. I haven’t called another PSO is a very long time (you are my Mistress), so I was slightly nervous, but she was so fun and easy to talk to. I answered all of her questions as well as I could. In fact, I loved her curiosity in all of the things she wanted to know about. It felt good talking with her and sharing our experiences, my submissiveness, your dominance, and, of course the dynamics of chastity. She was so sweet and wonderful. Thank you for having me call her!!!


  4. Mistress,

    You worked me into such a frenzy tonight. Caged and so very horny. The feeling is rippling through my entire body right now. Submitting to it….being washed away by it….transported outside of my head. Thank you!!!


    • Hi bambee!

      WordPress never told me this comment was here, so I just found it.

      You are welcome for that fun call. Our last chastity camp was a blast!

      Your Owner,
      Miss June

  5. Bambee, I find your description of the relationship you have with Mistress June very moving. There are so few people in the world willing to trust, to commit, to shed the world and find what is truly within. I am so glad you have done and are doing that, and that my dear Miss June is with you for every step, both physical and metaphysical.


  6. Hello Ms Emma! Thank you so much for your comments! Giving myself completely to Mistress has been the most liberating of experiences. To be free of ones self is transcendent. I could not do this without the deepest level of trust and bonding. How incredibly lucky I feel.
    One of the added and most wonderful dimensions, which goes beyond my understanding, has been hypnosis with Mistress. She takes me under and takes me to deep parts of who I am. It is an incredibly profound and transformational experience and one I never would have thought possible. I don’t try to understand it, I just give myself totally to it, as I do with chastity. I think the level of trust and submission I have with Mistress allows me to go very deep. Some of it I remember but some I don’t, as she decides. It is beyond amazing when she plants suggestions and triggers, which I experience for days afterwards. It is mysterious, profound and absolutely wonderful.
    Ms Emma, thank you so much for all of your comments. I know from these and from Mistress that you are a very special person indeed, and I’m honored by your thoughts and encouragement. Thank you!

    • Miss Emma was a huge help to me when I was learning hypnosis, bambee. I probably would have needed much longer to become comfortable with hypno if she had not kindly allowed me to listen to her sessions. I also owe a shout-out to my little chrissie on this topic. She generously purchased a two-Mistress call with Miss Emma and allowed me to listen when Emma hypnotized chrissie and that was enormously helpful.

      Thank you for being so sweet and genuine, bambee. This comment pleases me.

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