A submissive phone sex caller shares his experience of total cock control

Chastity and Denial Phone Sex with Mistress June

by her pet, sunny

I am a chronic masturbator. There have been very few days since childhood when I did not orgasm at least once. Mistress June changed all that. As our journey progressed and my submission grew deeper she introduced me to chastity and denial. Now I am in constant chastity.

Male chastity frees you from masturbation.While I am not caged at this time, I am in total chastity nonetheless. Mental chastity.  My sexuality belongs to her and I can no more disobey or disappoint her than I can stop the rain. Mistress dictates every aspect of my sex life. From denying me permission to touch myself in any way for any reason to commanding me to edge relentlessly. She dictates what, when, how often, how long, toys or no toys porn or no porn, which porn, even sometimes what gender and age group I am allowed to fantasize about. Mistress has taught me through chastity that for a submissive such as myself, self-indulgence and self-gratification provide only momentary pleasure and no real sense of satisfaction.

Mistress has taught me that real and lasting pleasure through complete submission and devotion involves giving up control of my most fundamental instinct, my sexuality.

Chastity often leads to an appetite for pain play.Chastity has opened my eyes in a bunch of ways. Before I had never gone long enough without an orgasm to understand or feel actual desire. Now I go weeks without an orgasm, and when I am completely denied I have so much energy.  I have an increased focus on everything, I work harder, I exercise more, I walk my dog more often, anything to shed some energy if only temporarily. And edging now is unlike anything I ever imagined. It is as bambee said, a whole body experience.

After edging, I can hold my hand out and it is steady as a rock but internally I am trembling like a leaf, even hours later. It is unbelievable. I walk around half crazy with the need for release, and yet believe it or not, a part of me dreads to hear Mistress whisper, “Stroke for sunny, stroke for me, cum sunny, cum now…”  Chastity deepens my connection to Mistress and I don’t want it to break even temporarily. But when I do hear her whisper those words and I am finally allowed a release it is an orgasm unlike any I have ever had. My body is racked with pleasure and when the afterglow finally fades I am totally sated. It is absolutely wonderful when the best orgasms of your life occur decades after your sexual prime.

I love being in chastity for Mistress. It deepens my submission, humbles me, makes me more empathetic, and instills a discipline I don’t usually possess. Maybe most importantly it has allows me to know myself much more intimately, and to experience thoughts, feelings and sensations that I otherwise would have missed.

Thank you for reading my experience.

sunny funshine bear

(I am a fun pervert.)