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I have been guiding men in phone chastity for several years now and I genuinely enjoy bringing out your deepest submissive desires using this training tool.

Our sexual urges are powerful and basic.  By giving me control of your sexuality, you are offering up your most primal self and opening yourself to experiences that are far more fulfilling than self-gratification.  Chastity is serious submission that allows for real change.  And it can be fully explored by phone.  There is no need to see a local Domme.

Phone chastity is a safe and legal way to get your kink on and serve a Goddess without worrying about risking your health, safety, or community standing the way you might if you called an escort or found a real time hook-up.

I recently shared a few thoughts about different kinds of male chastity play on my main site and you can read those here.

If chastity excites you, call me.  We will find a way to make it fit within the bounds of your current living arrangement.

Mistress June

PS:  If you have questions about phone chastity, please ask them here.  I will answer promptly and eventually other folks might share their thoughts on your question, too.

11 thoughts on “About phone chastity

  1. Thoughts on male chastity… not speaking from experience only desire. For me, there are two ultimate goals as a submissive. The first, to have served and pleased my Mistress in such a manner where she offers to put me in chastity. For me, this offer, with no expectation or promise of release, and my acceptance would in fact be a religious experience. To completely give up control of the primary physical manifestation of my masculinity and ego would be both demeaning & erotic beyond words. The ultimate sacrifice and submission to my Mistress. My second goal, is that as a chaste sub, I again pleased my Mistress to where I am rewarded by being permanently and irrevocably marked.

  2. Hi sunny,

    Loved reading your comments!….and thought I’d express an observation from my own perspective. Chastity can actually be a quite liberating experience, once one realizes that it’s not about ones self (and therefore is not demeaning, for me at least) but rather is about total submission to my Mistress. Whole new aspects of awareness can result through eliminating yourself from your own desires and concentrating on the desires and control of your Mistress. This can also extend to others in your life, with wonderful results. Just some thoughts I thought I’d share.


  3. Hi Mistress,
    Couldn’t get to sleep the other night after our call so I spent the night thinking a lot about what is going on and I would like to tell you.

    As you are aware, I totally love being hypnotized, everything about it. And just like you I am especially amazed by the triggers you set and how they have evoked both emotions and physical sensations in me days after the event. It literally blows me away. So, I was thinking about this latest trigger you set and the feelings associated with it and I suddenly knew something else also. That is, how I fall short in my submission to you Ma’am. I really do not see all the ways my ego is still a problem until you hold up various lenses for me to look through. What I saw the other night is so simple and yet I have been so blind. I realized that the very feelings evoked by your trigger are ones I could be enjoying all the time if I simply, as bambee so aptly put it, submitted to you completely. I really thought I had and was but I am not. If I were then being in submission to you and accepted by you would make me feel warm, safe, secure and comfortable all the time. How could it not? My ego is how not, me continually worrying about mundane everyday things of little consequence. Trying to control and manipulate the minutia of my life when the whole of what I can be has been laid out right in front of me. I am a fool Mistress. The hypnotism is the icing, not the cake. You have already given me the cake.

    You told me that you would have to break me and my ego completely for our relationship to reach its full potential and I actually understand that now. As I let loose the remainder of ego my submission will become more and more complete as will I.

    I am sorry Mistress that I have been so slow to truly see and comprehend what you have offered me.

    • Thank you for sharing this fabulous note here, sunny! :) I love it. I will share more of my thoughts on our next call, but I am so pleased.

  4. Hi bambee,
    I’m writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your post of “Submission and Chastity: a sub’s Perspective“. It is your thoughts and words that provoked me to write the above post. That put my submission in a light that allowed me to see where I am still lacking. Thank you so much for your openess and for sharing, without it I would still be blind and the gift of sight is a wonderful gift to give.

  5. Hi Sunny,

    Thank you SO much for your post!! I am so honored by your comments here, and also so very happy that this site and the posts have helped you. It has been my hope that I can be helpful to others, and I think it is so incredibly wonderful that this has been the case for you. It’s all part of the journey of self discovery. I’ve been there too, and I’m so happy for you! I suspect that there are many who would never or could never come to the realizations you have. To give of ones self completely to Mistress is sublime. To move beyond one’s self completely is such a joy. It has had such a positive effect on my life. I’m sure it will continue to get better and better for you!

    • Hi mike,

      Sorry for my delayed response. Your post wound up in the spam folder and I apparently need to check there more often.

      Each cage manufacturer has different standards for sizing. A proper fit is important, so please contact the cage manufacturers for advice about sizing.

      To aid in putting a cage on, I recommend using corn starch instead of lube. Lube can get yucky over time. The other option is to use shower gel to put it on and then get in the shower and rinse all of the gel out.

      Hope that helps!

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