My sunny


My sunny funshine bear

I named my pet “sunny funshine bear”.  lol  Because he is silly and fun and willing to do ANYTHING I suggest.  And he strives to be a bright spot in my day.  And he just IS sunny.  And he just IS a funshine bear.  He he he….

My sunny is a ridiculously devoted submissive who genuinely looks for guidance and control as he explores his deepest submissive urges.  He enjoys humiliation and emasculation as part of his training, but his primary identity is not as a sissy.  I think he is primarily a masochist.  And a romantic old fool.  :)

The image on this page is a portion of a painting I made of my funny sunny.  The rest of the painting includes a unicorn – which is a symbolic image I use when sunny and I explore hypnosis – and his Queen.  You can click here to see the whole painting.

Sunny will be sharing his thoughts and experiences on this site soon, too.
Mistress June

PS:  Sunny is also very open and you are welcome to ask him questions in the comments section below.


2 thoughts on “My sunny

  1. Hi Mistress,

    Thank you for the COOL description. :) And especially for asking me to write about my experiences with chastity. It has had such a profound and positive influence on my life and I appreciate this opportunity. I hope sharing some of my thoughts and experiences will inspire others to ask to serve you through denial. They won’t regret it!

    You are a wonderful and fun Mistress and I AM your ridiculously devoted pet,


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