My bambee


My pet, bambee

I built this website so I would have a place to share more of my thoughts and experiences with male chastity.  And it occurred to me that sharing the specific events of one chastity relationship might help some of you who are new to this fetish gain a clearer picture of what is possible.  So I approached my sweetest and most devoted chastity pet, bambee, and asked for her permission to feature our work together on this site.  She graciously agreed.

My bambee is delightfully sensitive, emotional, honest, and generous.  She is a gentle squishy sissy and I adore her.  Over time, I hope you will learn a lot about bambee and about our chemistry together.  She will be writing pieces for this site, too, and I hope you will comment on her pieces and thank her for letting you in to her chastity journey.

Click here for my first blog post on to see close- shots of this painting I made of my pretty bambee!  Yay.
Mistress June

PS:  Sweet bambee is very open, so if you have questions or comments for her, please leave them here and I am sure she will respond soon.

PPS:  My bambee has taken a break from chastity play, so I am relaunching this site.  I hope to share additional examples of chasity play.  Of course, bambee will be included again if/when she returns, but I am now going to feature my pet, sunny, as well as occasional stories about other chastity pets.


6 thoughts on “My bambee

  1. Hi Bambee,
    I think it is wonderful what Miss JUNE and you are doing here. You must be very pleased, I know she is. I am looking forward to reading your pieces. Thank you for including us in your journey.

  2. Hi sunny,

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy to share my experiences and hope it can help those who might really benefit from and truly enjoy chastity. For me, it was a totally surprising and delightful experience, and there is no better guide than Ms June!

  3. Very excited!! Mistress said I could order the Holy Trainer v2, and it will be here in several days. I currently have a Birdlocked, so I’m anxious to see how the HT compares. I love the BL, very comfortable, very secure, but apparently, I seem to have a reaction to silicone in longer term use. Most will never have this problem though.

    Stay tuned….I will post a review of the two cages after having tried the HT for a period of time.


    • The upcoming cage review (Holy Trainer v2 vs Birdlocked) will be interesting. Each has it’s pluses and minuses. I’ll lay them all out as best I can, and give you my thoughts on which is better for me.

      Stay tuned!


  4. Hi bambee,
    Hope all is well with you. Are you still planning on reviewing (Holy Trainer v2 vs Birdlocked) cages with us? I’m really interested in knowing what you think about each and how your chastity is going. It is still my hope to join you one day in this type of submission to Miss JUNE.

    • Hi sunny! Thank you so much for posting here. Yes, I will be wrapping up the review, hopefully today. I’m wearing the HT at the moment. Both really have their pluses and minuses, which I will outline in the review.
      In terms of my chastity, I feel like I’ve passed through something. I have been submitting totally to it and now I’m submitting to just going wherever Mistress decides to take me, without preconceptions…just being.
      Aren’t we both so lucky that Ms June is our guide and teacher?

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