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Hello visitors,


My name is Miss June and I am an accomplished and enthusiastic chastity Mistress.  I believe sacrifice is good for you and giving me control of your cock will make you a better submissive.  I enjoy controlling you and shaping you into a more thoughtful and more useful plaything.  And I appreciate chastity as a sincere and valuable demonstration of your devotion.


I take chastity seriously and expect you to do the same.  But I also have a ton of fun locking you and guiding you as my pet.  If you give yourself to me fully, I know we will have a great time together and you will learn a lot about yourself in the process.


There is so much information about me on my main website, EliteDomme.com, that I am not going to bother restating the basics.  Just know that I love being a phone Domme and I am passionate about male chastity.  I am especially fond of introducing the chastity experience to callers who have never explored this fetish before.


I hope you will call soon and discover for yourself what makes me unique among distance chastity Mistresses.  I look forward to learning more about you.

Mistress June

4 thoughts on “About Mistress June

  1. A reflection on Miss June:

    I lived my life assuming that if I could have as much sex as I wanted, as many orgasms as I desired, I would be satisfied. Well, like a lot of you guys I’ll bet it didn’t turn out like that. Sure I have a happy and contented life, with lots of reasons to be grateful.

    But something was missing. I would pleasure myself to fill in the gaps, getting physical release and a brief rush. I have not known Miss June long, and am in chastity under Her control. Prior to Miss June’s chastity, the days between my releases were just that, days. Grey, regular days.

    Being in chastity and knowing it pleases Miss June is a completely different experience. I am now a rainbow. The joy and energy I radiate is palpable, and lasts from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. My days are exciting, sensory and alive.

    Being chaste for myself, and being in chastity for Miss June is the difference—as Mark Twain put it–between a lightning bug and lightning.

    Sometimes in life, beautiful gifts come from unexpected places.

    Thank you for this gift Miss June,


    • Thank you for this wonderful testimonial, adorable opie! I am so pleased. You are welcome for the gift of selfless devotion through chastity. I am glad you appreciate this opportunity.

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